Annual Financial Statements for the year
ended 31 December 2009

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Kumba Iron Ore Limited Group Notes to the annual financial statements

for the year ended 31 December

  1. Property, plant and equipment
  2. Biological assets
  3. Investments in associates and joint ventures
  4. Investments held by environmental trust
  5. Long-term prepayments
  6. Inventories
  7. Trade and other receivables
  8. Cash and cash equivalents
  9. Interest-bearing borrowings
  10. Provisions
  11. Deferred tax
  12. Trade and other payables
  13. Other comprehensive income
  14. Revenue
  15. Operating expenses
  16. Operating profit
  17. Finance gains/(losses)
  18. Finance (costs)/income
  19. Taxation
  20. Per share information
  21. Share capital and share premium
  22. Equity-settled share-based payment reserve
  23. Minority interest
  24. Cash generated from operations
  25. Net finance costs paid
  26. Taxation paid
  27. Dividends paid
  28. Additions to property, plant and equipment
  29. Acquisition of business
  30. Translation effect of cash flows of foreign operations
  31. Financial instruments
  32. Employee benefits
  33. Guarantees and legal proceedings
  34. Commitments
  35. Post-balance sheet events
  36. Related party transactions
  37. Segment reporting


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